Stone Soup Concrete + Slab Lab

Stone Soup has purchased Slab Lab Concrete Studio.

We all appreciate those great athletes that choose to walk away from the game while still in their prime. Those that chose to step up to a new plate and take a swing. Think Steffi Graf, Bill Russell, Barry Sanders, or Jim Brown.

In the somewhat less televised and fame filled world of concrete a star in his prime has chosen to take a swing at a new career.

Eric Cohen of Slab Lab contacted us recently to let us know that he was moving on out of the world of concrete to start on a new path. We at Stone Soup have known Eric for many years. Although we have always been “competing” in the same market, it has never been that way between us. When we want to talk shop, Eric has always been a great guy to call. When we have an advanced class at our shop, it was Eric that we invited as a guest instructor.

We are honored to be the ones that Eric chose to sell his company to. We will strive to sustain the same level of focus and integrity that Eric and Slab Lab have maintained for the last decade.

If you are a client of Slab Lab or a fan of their work, we look forward to working with you.

Greg and Mike
Co Owners Stone Soup Concrete Inc.

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