Basic Workshop

This workshop will provide you with all of the skills necessary to design, fabricate, seal & install concrete countertops. We will use materials that are readily available and methods virtually anybody can use without special machinery.

This will be a hands-on workshop. All students will be encouraged to bring their best ideas and get their hands dirty. Students will  form, cast, and seal a real project.

You will learn:

  • Template Building
  • Forming & required materials
  • Introduction to concrete sinks (!!!)
  • Concrete mix design & color
  • Reinforcement elements and placement
  • Slab sealing
  • Slab transportation
  • Installation


Varies depending on location

This fee covers the cost of the two-day beginners intensive workshop, the materials costs and an information package. We will not be providing meals or accommodations but please visit the food and lodging page for more information about restaurants and hotels in the area.

Class Size:

 Up to 12 students.

We keep the classes small for a rich and direct learning experience. Here’s what past students have said about our classes:

“I liked the hands on learning and experience.”

“A thorough answer was provided to all of my questions.”

“I appreciated how well prepared the instructors were for class.  Jumping right into the project and being able to see results before class ended was great!”

“Demonstrations of the small things made a BIG difference!”

“Feeling the concrete, building the rails, all the smoothing, caulking, etc….I feel like I can do this now!”

For more information about our workshops, please check out our workshop blog post.


Heartwood: Friday and Saturday, 8am

Yestermorrow: Saturday and Sunday, 9 am